Hotel Bill In Excel for free Download

By | May 11, 2015

Sample bill format for hotels for issuing to clients and customers. It includes many options for local and international hotels like room bookings with manus, time and days, laundry, breakfast, refreshments, lunch, dinner and tax details. Hotel may include halls, meeting rooms, cafes, guest rooms, executive rooms, business class rooms and events facilities like, marriage event, music events, conference, exhibitions and many other facilities related to hotels. This hotel bill is for all purposes mentioned above with auto calculation facility.
Now a days computerised bills are being introduced in hotel industry but They get fade in few days after issuance. So this type of mini bills are not preferred in hotel industry because they aren’t safe for record keeping. Business clients always demand permanent bill for record and audit purposes. We advise you to please use our format of hotel bill in excel file.

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