Car Rental Agreement Template

By | March 9, 2015

Sample car rental agreement template for companies to hire vehicles on rent for official purposes on long term basis from individuals or rent a car company etc. You can download it for free in text form and ms word file.

Rental Agreement Sample

This rental agreement made at London on __ and effective from 29th September, 2015 between Car Leasing Company Pvt. Ltd. Office # 3, Baker Street, London UK on the one part as Lessor and Core Engineering Limited on the other part as a lessee, for hiring Toyota Vigo. The details of vehicle, terms and conditions with mutual understanding are as under

Vehicle particulars:

Make: Toyota

Vehicle model: 2009

Vehicle registration #  XYZ 123


Monthly rent without fuel along with chauffeur:

GBP 160 (One hundred and sixty pounds only)

Terms and conditions:

  1. Initial agreement would be up to December 31, 2016 with effect from 9th October, 2015 and mutually extendable as agreed by the parties.
  2. Working hours for the driver are 10 hours a day extra will be charged @ 0.8 GBP per Hour.
  3. In case of outstations utilization, GBP 5 per day would be paid to the driver as outstation allowance for lodging and boarding.
  4. Fuel, lubricant and current operating expenses like tyre punctures, service, would be provided by the lessee.
  5. Mobil oil, oil filter would be changed by lessee, after every 3000 running kms.
  6. Parking and toll plazas where applicable would be provided by the lessee.
  7. Vehicle will be used at London as well as for the site work.
  8. All the due payments shall be released in the name of lessor through crossed cheque after deduction of income tax.
  9. Driver’s salary is paid by the lessor.
  10. In case of termination of the contract one week prior notice from either party shall be required otherwise the party terminating the contract will be liable of paying the termination penalty to the other party as mutually agreed by both the parties.
  11. In case of non availability of the vehicle (due to break down or any other reason) alternate arrangement of equivalent standard shall be made by the lessor without delay, otherwise rental vehicle may have to be arranged at the risk and cost of the lessor and in such cases the proportional amount from the monthly rent shall be deducted accordingly.

The above terms and conditions are read carefully and accepted by both parties and signed with stamp, for further use and record.

Service Contract of Driver

This agreement is signed on __ day of ___ 2015 between core engineering company ltd. As employerof the one part and Mr. John Steve, driver of the other part to serve on the assignment of judicial complex Kentucky.

His services will be hired for a period from 1st December, 2015 to 30th June, 2016. He will be paid remuneration @ 130$ /- (one hundred and thirty dollars only) per month for the above assignment. The payments shall be made after receipt of necessary time sheets duly verified by the competent authority. Working hours for the driver are 12 hours a day extra will be charged @ 1$ per Hour.

If at any time during contract employment the client disapproves employees’ employment, the services of employee can be terminated without any prior notice.

Income tax if applicable shall be deducted at source from above emoluments.

The contents of this contract should be treated as Confidential.

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