Sample Quotation for Printing Items

By | November 24, 2014

Sample quotation format for printing items, work, stationary and every printing product to send rates for your clients including discounts, advance payment policy and other terms and conditions.

Printing Quotation Format

We thank you for your inquiry of ____________ dated________________ and have pleasure in submitting the under mentioned estimate, and trust you favour us with your valued order, which shall have our best care and attention to materialize the assignment in best possible manners.

Yours Faithfully,

1 Donation Tickets and Envelops

  1. Donation Envelops in 4 colour on 135 gms Art Mat Paper A4 Size with die cut and pasting Qty 12000

Each $

  1. Donation Ticket Books in 8 color on 135 gms Art Mat Paper with Nos cut and pasting & punctuation complete book binding Qty 3100 Books of 10 Tickets

Each $


Terms: 50% Advance Payment and 50% on Delivery





























Grand Total

Authorized Signature                                                                                                    Client’s Signature

Terms and Conditions:

Rates are quoted to presented price for all material and services for next fifteen days and can be changed as market fluctuates.

Sample Quotation Format for Printing for Download in Word

Sample Quotation Format for Printing

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