About Us

about-usDocuments and Documentation is one of the most important part of official and business life. Documents designing and documents storing have equal importance almost in every business specially when we deal in schools, colleges, universities, warehouses, purchase and sales business, hotels, tourism etc. We provide documents and paid documents storage services. We are a professional documents designing company with clients in many countries and offices in UK and ASIA. If you need any specific document please let us know through the contact us form.

Data Servers

We provide Apple, Dell, HP, and Sony Servers for your all personal and corporate needs. We also import servers within the required time to fulfill your needs.

Servers & Data Center: We offer a wide-range of cost effective solutions for our customers to get maximum computing power in lowest budget for their companies and businesses. Specially for ERP implementation. We provide services in Design and Procurement of Servers and allied hardware for example Cabinets, Power distribution, and Cabinet Accessories etc. We are company of professionals with 13+ years of experience of Servers brands like IBM, HP and Dell.

Storage Solutions

We provide storage solution starting from Gigabyte to Terabyte to more ultra for our valued clients.

Our NAS supports all standard network protocols and can be connected as the primary or secondary storage in your company or office. All-in-one server features such as FTP server, web server, file server, backup server, and so on are built-in and they can be managed through online interface with basic knowledge. Access rights can be assigned at the same time without complicated procedures to users or staff members of your company.

Network Attached Storage(NAS) is a system that contains one or more hard drives that connects to the internet.

Documentation & Digital Filing

We provide complete documentation solution starting from writing, creating and designing of documents according to the customer needs and standards. Digital backup of all of your documents/data and future need based document availability solution from the backups at a very nominal cost.

We also provide service for digital filing, documentation for long term records to our clients and companies. Our expert staff do all the job for you at a very nominal cost according to requirements and standard filing system.

Contact Us:

To inquire about any of our services please contact us on the following email ([email protected]) or fill the contact form